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CoraFaye's Cafe

Soul Food & Southern Home Cooking. Specialing in family recipes and seasonings dating back over 100 years. Eat your way through history. Plates include fried and smothered chicken and pork chops to catfish, BBQ, oxtails, neckbones, waffles, hot links, frog legs, cakes, pies and puddings. Family friendly prices and portions.

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Weekly Specials
It's Oink-e-Dok-e Day -
1. Pig Ear Sandwich. 2. Pigs Feet Plate 3. Pig Tail Plate Small 1 Side Large 2 Sides
6.99 Small 9.99 LargeSpecial of the day on Wednesday
Smothered Beef Liver -
Smothered beef liver 'n onions over rice with 2 side orders and bread.
9.99 EachSpecial of the day on Thursday
Fish 'R Jumping, Lips 'R Smacking -
1 fish fillet (or shrimp)and a bowl of grits with 1 side. Add cheese. Whole Catfish, BBQ, Neck Bones, etc.
Varies each mealSpecial of the day on Friday
Beef Oxtails -
Beef oxtails over rice or BBQ with 2 sides and bread. Smothered Rabbit over rice, 2 sides and bread.
14.99 each mealSpecial of the day on Saturday
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Chicken: Southern Fried or Smothered -
Various Orders. Gospel Bird: Fresh and moist inside.
2.50 snack. 7.50 up.
Fish, Shrimp, Frog Legs -
Catfish, Tilapia, Snapper, Whiting, Whole Catfish Combo Plates with BBQ, etc. Served freshly fried, light and crispy.
10.99 up.
Pork Chops: Southern Fried or Smothered -
1 or 2 chops. Fried or smothered in gravy over rice. 2 side orders. Bread.
10.99 up.
BBQ: Daddy Rip's -
Rib Tips, Country-Style Ribs, Brisket or Pulled Pork. 2 sides. Bread.
9.99 up.
Sandwiches/Burgers/Soul Food Egg Rolls -
From Fish Sandwiches, to CoraFaye's Double Cheesey Burger, to Soul Food Egg Rolls to Fried Hot Link Sandwiches.
2.25 Egg Rolls. 3.25 up.
CoraFaye's Red Fluffy Waffles 'N Chicken -
All spice, cinnamon nut meg, etc. Served from 11-1 pm daily.
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