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Open all holidays except Christmas Day, New year's Day and Mondays. R.S.V.P. Suggested.

Weekly Specials
Chicken 'n' Spaghetti or Hot Link -
Choose leg or wing (or 4 Shrimp) with 2 side orders. Bread.
9.99Special of the day on Tuesday
It's Oink-e-Dok-e Day -
1. Pig Ear Sandwich. 2. Pigs Feet Plate 3. Pig Tail Plate Small 1 Side Large 2 Sides
6.99 Small 9.99 LargeSpecial of the day on Wednesday
Smothered Beef Liver or Neck Bones -
Smothered beef liver 'n' onions over rice with 2 sides. Meaty neck bones over rice in gravy or BBQ with 2 side orders and bread.
9.99 EachSpecial of the day on Thursday
Fish 'R Jumping, Lips 'R Smacking -
1 fish fillet (or shrimp)and a bowl of grits with 1 side. Add cheese. Whole Catfish, BBQ, Neck Bones, etc.
Varies each mealSpecial of the day on Friday
Beef Oxtails and Chit'lings -
Beef oxtails over rice or BBQ with 2 sides and bread. Chit'lings 1/2 pint with 1 side and bread.
14.99 each mealSpecial of the day on Saturday
Rabbit and Oxtails -
Smothered Rabbit over rice, 2 sides and bread. Beef oxtails over rice or BBQ, 2 sides, 1 bread.
12.99 14.99Special of the day on Sunday
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Chicken: Southern Fried or Smothered -
Various Orders. Gospel Bird: Fresh and moist inside.
2.50 snack. 7.50 up.
Fish, Shrimp, Frog Legs -
Catfish, Tilapia, Snapper, Whiting, Perch, Whole Catfish Combo Plates with BBQ, etc. Served freshly fried, light and crispy.
10.99 up.
Pork Chops: Southern Fried or Smothered -
1 or 2 piece chops. Fried or smothered in gravy over rice. 2 side orders. Bread.
10.99 up.
BBQ: Daddy Rip's -
Rib Tips, Country-Style Ribs, Brisket or Pulled Pork (sometimes chicken). 2 sides. Bread.
9.99 up.
Sandwiches/Burgers/Soul Food Egg Rolls -
From Fish Sandwiches, to CoraFaye's Double Cheesey Burger, to Soul Food Egg Rolls to Fried Hot Link Sandwiches.
2.25 Egg Rolls. 4.99 up.
CoraFaye's Red Fluffy Waffles 'N Chicken -
All spice, cinnamon nut meg, etc. Served from 11-1 pm daily.
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CoraFaye's Cafe Menu

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